About us

The real deal

We are a serious development department, located on the top floor of the YoungCapital headquarters in Hoofddorp. With some 60 developers, we develop technological innovations on a data-driven and agile way that support the YoungCapital business. And most of these applications we develop ourselves; for example, all the 30 job websites that are part of YoungCapital and their databases, but also the YoungCapital app, our own ATS (Applicant Tracking System), machine learning algorithms and many many more.


What does YoungCapital do then?

YoungCapital is a kick starter of fresh talent in the business sector. As a business, we connect highly educated, young, talented people to employers, during their studies, after graduating or as young professionals. These people are the key drivers of innovation in businesses. That is why we help them conquer the labour market under several different labels: YoungCapital, StudentJob International and YoungCapital Professionals. Our network of over six million candidates in eight different countries makes the biggest agency of talented young people in Europe. Our clients range from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals and even the government.

Some stats about YC dev

  • Over 60 developers in a company of 1200 employees
  • Highly international environment (12 countries and counting)
  • English is our primary language of communication

Talent development

  • 1-on-1s for personal growth
  • Tech guilds
  • Learning budget for conferences and trainings


  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript, Node, React, React Native
  • MySQL, ElasticSearch, BigQuery
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Machine learning
  • Google Cloud Platform


  • Team outings
  • Monthly dinners
  • Squash!
  • Hackathons
  • Sport budget
  • Great lunches
  • Foosball, table tennis, board game days and more...

Meet the team

We're a fun, caring, collaborative, and international team. Plus we're a good looking bunch to boot.

Anouar Azzouz Anouar Azzouz
Junior Software Developer
Sjors Baltus Sjors Baltus
Team Coach
Tim Bartels Tim Bartels
Martijn Bleeker Martijn Bleeker
Lianne Blondeau Lianne Blondeau
QA Coördinator
Joel Blum Joel Blum
Gergely Bognar Gergely Bognar
Fabien Bonnamy Fabien Bonnamy
Front end developer
Anouk Borsboom Anouk Borsboom
Software Developer
Natalia Bukarina Natalia Bukarina
Junior Data Scientist
Lucas Daltro Lucas Daltro
Frontend Developer
Rodrigo De Oliveira Nogueira Barreto Rodrigo De Oliveira Nogueira Barreto
Raoul Dijksman Raoul Dijksman
Margarida Dinis Margarida Dinis
Frontend Developer
Viktor Dolhishev Viktor Dolhishev
Team lead/Senior Developer
Daan Donker Daan Donker
QA Coördinator Dev Core
Nora Drentje Nora Drentje
Product Manager
Marcel Eeken Marcel Eeken
Stan Faas Stan Faas
Front-end Developer
Alisa Frunza Alisa Frunza
Ruby Developer
Shannon Fuit Shannon Fuit
Dmitry Galcenco Dmitry Galcenco
Marlies Gielen Marlies Gielen
Karin Hendrikse Karin Hendrikse
FrontEnd Developer
Lennart Hillen Lennart Hillen
Head of Product
Bart Hoekstra Bart Hoekstra
Adam Hoogendam Adam Hoogendam
UX Specialist
Gustavo Isensee Gustavo Isensee
Frontend Developer
Robert Jany Robert Jany
Data Engineer
Maria Kavvadia Maria Kavvadia
Intern Data Science
Melanie Keatley Melanie Keatley
Software Developer
Alexander Kellett Alexander Kellett
Jackline Kimani Jackline Kimani
Software Developer
Michael Kloos Michael Kloos
QA Coordinator
Zoltan Konarzewski Zoltan Konarzewski
Senior Developer
Yulia Kononchuk Yulia Kononchuk
Martijn Lafeber Martijn Lafeber
Ka Ming Leung Ka Ming Leung
Product Owner
Joep Maas Joep Maas
Product Manager
Pepijn Meek Pepijn Meek
UX Designer
Rowin Mol Rowin Mol
Front-end developer
Fabia Moroni Fabia Moroni
Nikolaos Mouchtaris Nikolaos Mouchtaris
Software Developer
Matthijs Nieuwboer Matthijs Nieuwboer
Rick Nijssen Rick Nijssen
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Tsvetelina Obretenova Tsvetelina Obretenova
UX Designer
Kevin Ott Kevin Ott
Bunny overlord / Team coach Core
Koop Otten Koop Otten
Director IT Germany
Remco Peggeman Remco Peggeman
Peter Pernet Peter Pernet
Product Manager
Lex Rikkers Lex Rikkers
Vlatko Ristovski Vlatko Ristovski
Pascal Salomons Pascal Salomons
Ahmed Shahin Ahmed Shahin
Software Engineer
Melvin Voetberg Melvin Voetberg
Junior Developer
Jihad Dzikri Waspada Jihad Dzikri Waspada
Software Developer
Pieter Wiersma Pieter Wiersma
Lead Data Scientist
Lex Wolff Lex Wolff
Product Manager
Ivan Zarea Ivan Zarea
Edwin de Boer Edwin de Boer
Kristian de Jong Kristian de Jong
Raul de Melo Raul de Melo
Front-end Developer
Maartje de Rond Maartje de Rond
UX Reseacher
Niels de Ruiter Niels de Ruiter
Product Manager
Rayta van Rijswijk Rayta van Rijswijk
Piet van Zoen Piet van Zoen
Engineering Manager
Ferdi van de Kamp Ferdi van de Kamp
Annewies van den Hoorn Annewies van den Hoorn
QA Coordinator
Chris van der Meer Chris van der Meer
Youri van der Net Youri van der Net
Junior Software Developer
Vera van der Pennen Vera van der Pennen
Front-end Developer