The things we build

Varied projects

Within YoungCapital, our IT department of some 60 developers builds technological innovations in a data-driven and agile way. Together, we work on many impressive applications, and we build the vast majority of these ourselves. For example, all the 30 job websites that are part of YoungCapital and their databases, but also the YoungCapital app, our own ATS (Applicant Tracking System), an e-learning environment we call University, machine learning algorithms and many many more.

Screenshot Young Capital homepage

30+ job board websites

We have built our own international job-search websites and are constantly optimizing them for UX, SEO and performance. They’re part Ruby on rails, part React SPA, and our vacancy search system is built using ElasticSearch. As our most important candidate channel, our sites are always getting optimized for performance, UX and conversion. With just for example, we have thousands of new signups each week, and at any given time over two thousand vacancies online and hundreds of candidates looking at them.

Screenshot Young Capital backend

Our custom-built ATS

Our custom-built ATS (applicant tracking system) is one of three major applications that our department builds. It’s used by our 1000+ recruiters every day to process customer requests, create vacancies, screen applications and basically find the matches between jobs and applicants. The 6.000.000+ candidate profiles and massive amounts of data that go through this application, make this an incredible product to be working on.

Screenshot EPIC

CRM & contracting application "EPIC"

Our aptly named application "EPIC" is our second major application. With it, we support the process of registering and onboarding customers, relationship management, placing candidates, contracting and other remuneration-related functionalities.

Screenshot App

The YoungCapital app

The YoungCapital app provides our candidates with an easy way to find and apply to new vacancies, manage their contracts, declare their worked hours and sign up for work shifts. It was built using React Native and it’s one of our ongoing products to expand on.

Screenshot University

E-learning with "YC University"

YoungCapital believes in hiring young talent and investing in their growth. With our own e-learning environment called University, both our candidates and internal employees are provided with a series of tests and training courses that they can take online or sign-up for.

Screenshot Young Capital game

Prototypes leading to products

Websites, recruitment tools and an e-learning environment? It certainly doesn’t stop there for us. We frequently build cool low-cost prototypes that we test against our users; and what works, sticks. Great examples include a fully customizable signup SPA, an online cv-builder tool for candidates, our interactive customer brochure that helps automate on-boarding, feedback tools and even serious games for candidates.